The Department of Legal Studies provides high quality advanced legal education and education in human rights, comparative constitutional law, and international business law. Its programs are among the finest in Europe, enabling students to obtain a solid grounding in fundamental legal concepts in civil law and common law systems and to develop unique skills in comparative analysis. Our students are encouraged to see complex legal and social problems in their broader context and seek solutions across continents and disciplines. Read more...


Tuesday February 19

Monday February 18

Thursday February 14

Prof. Dr. Violetta Zentai, Dr. Stefan Bargheer, Prof. Dr. Kinga Goncz, Dr. Matthias Duller, Prof. Dr. Matthias Möschel, Prof. Dr. Luca Váradi, Dr. Amalie Frese, Dr. Armen Mazmanyan
10:00am to 3:30pm

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