"Living in the Cities of the Future and the Metaverse" conference with LEGS SJD alumni

February 7, 2023

Several CEU SJD LEGS alumni (2019) recently participated in a conference titled ‘Living in the Cities of the Future and the Metaverse’ in Lisbon, Portugal, at the NOVA School of Law, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Organized by the WhatNext.Law Knowledge Centre in collaboration with NOVA School of Law and law firm, Vieira de Almeida, the conference explored how living together in the 21st century requires communities and their legal and political institutions to channel and complement economic actors in designing the spaces where we will be spending our lives. The conference takes the city of the future and the Metaverse as its focal point as one of the main examples of the complex and interconnected social and legal issues that will increasingly define our lifestyle.

CEU SJD alumna, Dr. Pin Lean Lau (LEGS 2019) was the Academic Co-Convener of the conference and co-chaired the panels at the conference. She is also the lead Editor of the Special Issue for journal publication that will culminate from the conference. She presented her paper on the legal challenges of ‘Soulbound’ Tokens in a decentralised society of Web3.0 and the Metaverse. CEU SJD alumni, Dr. Wasiq Abass Dar and Dr. Boris Prastalo (both LEGS 2019) presented a joint paper on the possibilities of using Artificial Intelligence in investor-state dispute settlements (ISDS). Mirko Dukovic, current CEU SJD candidate, presented his joint paper on socio-legal approaches to healthcare in the Metaverse. CEU SJD alumna, Dr. Giulia Priora (LEGS 2019) works at the NOVA School of Law, and participated in the conference as an observer.

In the photo:

Dr. Boris Prastalo, Assistant Professor in Commercial Law, Brunel Law School, Brunel University London;
Mirko Dukovic, Ph.D. Researcher in Comparative Constitutional Law, Central European University;
Dr. Pin Lean Lau, Assistant Professor in Bio-Law, Brunel Law School, Brunel University London;
Dr. Giulia Priora, Assistant Professor, NOVA School of Law, Universidade Nova de Lisboa; and
Dr. Wasiq Abass Dar, Associate Professor of Legal Practice, Jindal Global Law School, Jindal Global University.
[All, (except for Mirko, who is a current PhD researcher at CEU SJD LEGS), are alumni of CEU SJD LEGS 2019].