Degree requirements

Capstone Project

LLM and MA students in the Department of Legal Studies will fulfill their major writing requirement via the completion of a capstone project. Capstone projects are problem-driven, practice-oriented, comparative projects that draw on students’ interests. Capstone projects have both a practical (oral) and a written component. Each project will be supervised by a faculty member.

The practical component may take various forms, depending upon the subject and aims of the project. The written component (Capstone Thesis) complements the practical component. Most students will produce a final Capstone Thesis of between 6000 – 8000 words in length (including footnotes).  The form of the capstone thesis depends on the nature of the project chosen by the student. It could include, for example, a research memorandum; a legal memorandum; an amicus brief in a pending case; etc.

At the end of the academic year each student will be required to present their capstone project in an oral presentation.