Course Registration

Students are required to complete their course registration through the CEU e:Vision Portal during the registration period of each term, as indicated in the Academic Calendar, as well as in the Student Records Manual.

Students have an opportunity to review all syllabi for courses offered by the Department during the registration period at the following CEU E-learning site.

Only those who registered in the registration period or at least 3 days before the first class meeting can participate in a course. Enrolling in a course through its e-learning site (Moodle) does not substitute registration via CEU PU e:Vision Portal.

Registration deadlines are not flexible. Late add and drop of courses and altering registration will result in a financial penalty of 15 EUR per course. Students can turn directly to the Department Coordinator with their late add or drop requests. Students will have to pay the fee online at In all cases, the SRO Manual must be consulted at

Dropping a course or altering registration (i.e., changing from grade to audit, or vice versa) is only possible not later than 14 days prior to the final assessment of the given course. Students who neither take the final exam, drop the course, nor change it to audit will receive an Administrative Fail (AF).

Certain courses have pre-requisites that must be completed for Grade. Where offered, successfully passing a pre-test qualifies as passing the pre-requisite course. A successfully completed pre-test does not yield credit, unless stated otherwise.

In order to meet the requirements of interactive post-graduate education, class enrollment is limited. As a rule, classes offered by the Department of Legal Studies are limited to 20 students from the Department, plus an additional 5 students from outside the Department (including visiting and exchange students). However, Professors may prescribe further limitation on class size as indicated in the course offerings. Professors may, upon their professional consideration, allow enrollment for additional students if enrollment is not precluded by other relevant departmental considerations.

Students are strongly encouraged to prepare their study plan for the entire academic year during the first weeks of their studies. When doing so, students may seek advice from their Program Chair, faculty members as well as Department Coordinators. For more information on the registration scheme, please see the Student Records Manual.