M.A. in Human Rights

Degree requirements

Applicants for the M.A. in Human Rights program must have completed their undergraduate university studies before enrolling to the program.  Admission with a three-year Bachelor’s degree* (including three-year Bachelor of Laws) may be possible for suitable candidates in exceptional cases such as excellent grades, relevant work experience, previous coursework and/or other demonstrated commitment to human rights.  

*Applicants with a three-year Bachelor’s degree should be aware that they may not be able to pursue a doctoral degree in the European Higher Education Area if they have accumulated less than 300 ECTS credits in their prior university studies. 

Application requirements

Completed applications must be submitted through online application system (MA in Human Rights) by the deadline. 

Required documents for online application:

Describe a human rights challenge in your country (or place of residence) from the past year. Discuss this issue from the perspective of relevant international and/ or regional human rights standards. Write a maximum of 1000 words."

    • Statement of purpose

In no more than 500 words, please explain your reasons for applying to the program, how the program will help you achieve your personal and/or professional goals, and why you believe to be a suitable applicant (you may notably wish to explain how you would contribute to the success of the program and the academic life at the Department of Legal Studies more generally)

NOTE: Late submission of required documents is not possible, and incomplete applications may lead to early stage rejection.

The admission procedure is composed of the following:

  • Review of application packages
  • Online interview offered to selected applicants on the basis of their application package 

The Department of Legal Studies reserves the right to check the originality of all submissions.