SJD candidates Gvantsa Elgendashvili, Kate Karklina, and Nemanja Simic are recipients of awards for doctoral students

March 7, 2023

The Department of Legal Studies is proud to announce that three of our SJD candidates received an award for the progress and achievements of their doctoral thesis so far. The recipients of the awards is Nemanja Simic (SJD - 2nd year), who received the Academic Achievement Award for First-Year Doctoral Students, and Gvantsa Elgendashvili (SJD - 3rd year) and Kate Karklina (SJD - 3rd year), who received the Award for Advanced Doctoral Students: "We are delighted to be the recipients of this year's awards and for what it means to our individual thesis projects. Our SJD program is very demanding and each of our colleagues in the Doctoral School is a high-class student. It must have been a tough choice to select any student over the other. Still, we are honored to have received this award and thank our professors who have acknowledged our efforts. This award is the right kind of motivation for us, and we will give our best to propel the following generations in the same direction."

Congratulations to Gvantsa, Kate, and Nemanja!