New Research on Menstruation and Human Rights

October 28, 2022

Professor Inga Winkler and her team have recently published a series of papers that examine menstruation as a matter of public policy through the lens of human rights. The latest article finds that adolescent girls are the main target group of such policies. While these are important, policies risk leaving the needs of adult menstruators, including those experiencing (peri)menopause, unaddressed. Moreover, the intersection between menstrual status and markers of identity such as disability and gender identity produces further policy gaps. The paper calls for broadening this myopic view of menstrual needs in favor of inclusive policies informed by human rights. 

Access the article here (open access): 

Alhelou, Nay, Purvaja S. Kavattur, Mary M. Olson, Lillian Rountree, and Inga T. Winkler. Menstruation, Myopia, and Marginalization: Advancing Menstrual Policies to “Keep Girls in School” at the Risk of Exacerbating Inequalities, Health and Human Rights Journal,