Galushko Defends Doctoral Dissertation

January 25, 2019

On January 16, 2019 Artem Galushko successfully defended his doctoral (S.J.D.) dissertation entitled “Politically Motivated Justice in the Former Soviet Republics: A Comparative Analysis of Selected Trials in Western Europe and in the Former USSR” at the Department of Legal Studies. His supervisor was Professor Károly Bárd.

At the defense Artem was given the opportunity to further elaborate among others on his complex and unorthodox methodological approach, on his concept of constitutionalism and  the relevance and reliability of Freedom House rankings.

At the public defense the committee was comprised of Professor Károly Bárd (CEU, supervisor and chair), Professor Nenad Dimitrijevic (CEU) and Professor Lauri Mälksoo (University of Tartu, Estonia).

The committee unanimously awarded the dissertation the grade of cum laude.

Congratulations to Artem and very best wishes for his future work!