Professor Tajti Teaches Insolvency Law at CESL in Beijing

January 2, 2019

Professor Tibor Tajti delivered a course on Insolvency Law at the China-EU School of Law (CESL) from 3-7 December 2018 in Beijing. 

CEU has been a consortium member of CESL [link:] since its foundation in 2008. As part of this ongoing cooperation, the Department of Legal Studies will host ten exchange students from CESL in Spring 2019. This was the sixth year Professor Tajti has taught this course in the CESL program in Beijing.

Bankruptcy or insolvency law is a hot topic in China because of the current unprecedented levels of consumer and business indebtedness in the country.  This year’s symposium issue of the Bankruptcy Law Review -- the leading Chinese (Mandarin) language law review on bankruptcy law -- reflects the heightened importance of this topic. 

The symposium issue includes a translation of Professor Tajti’s article “Bankruptcy Stigma and Second Chance Policy: The Impact of Bankruptcy Stigma on Business Restructurings in China, Europe, and the United States [link:].”

Professor Tajti was presented with a complimentary copy of the Bankruptcy Law Review by editor-in-chief Professor Li Shuguang.