Professors Mathias Möschel and Juliana Cesario Alvim Gomes take part in a series of roundtables on censorship in history education

November 13, 2023

On November 14, CEU will host the first of four roundtables focused on “Censorship and Self-Censorship in History Education”. The roundtables are organized by Ruben Zeeman, a second-year master’s student from CEU’s Department of History. The four conversations, each based on a case study, will include academics, high-school teachers and textbook publishers addressing a set of global trends: the increasing censorship of historical teaching and the broadening scope of censorship practices. The discussions, which will take place over the next four months, will refer to case studies from the United States, Hungary, Brazil and India. They will also examine a variety of techniques being used to curtail teaching. 

Prof. Judit Sándor appointed as expert at European Court of Human Rights

November 6, 2023

Prof. Judit Sándor was appointed as an expert in the Case of Karsai v. Hungary (Application no. 32312/23) at the European Court of Human Rights in accordance with Rule A5 § 1 of the Annex to the Rules of Court.

The Legal Studies Department Mourns the Loss of Former Professor, Helen Hartnell

October 30, 2023

On September 18, 2023 Prof. Helen Hartnell peacefully passed away in Berlin. 

Professor Juliana Cesario Alvim Gomes: Litigating for Abortion Decriminalization in Brazil

September 27, 2023

Juliana Cesario Alvim Gomes played a significant role in the ongoing legal case regarding the decriminalization of abortion up to 12 weeks in Brazil.

Professor Tajti's presentations on secured transactions law reforms at the Georgian-American University in Tbilisi, Georgia

July 3, 2023

As part of his presentation held at the Georgian-American University in Tbilisi, Georgia, on 16th of June, Professor Tajti  focused on selected aspects of secured transactions law reforms. He specifically targeted those topics that have proved to be of key importance for Georgia, a country undergoing reforms as well.