Visiting Faculty at the Department of Legal Studies


The department's system of teaching based on a network of professors from around the globe has generated interaction with leading law schools (Berkeley, Columbia, New York University, Oxford, Hamburg)

  • Annicchino, Pasquale Visiting Faculty (CIRIS, Cambridge/FBK, Trento); Ph.D., University of Sienna, Italy
  • Babic, Davor Recurrent Visiting Faculty (University of Zagreb, Croatia); Ph.D., University of Zagreb, Croatia
  • Banda, Fareda Visiting Faculty (SOAS University of London, School of Law, UK)BL, LLB (Zimbabwe), DPhil (Oxon) 
  • Carballo, Laura Pineiro Visiting Faculty (World Maritime University, Spain); PhD, University of Santiago de Compostela, PhD, University of Vigo
  • Guseva, Yulia Visiting Faculty (Rutgers Law School, US); S.J.D., CEU, Hungary
  • Hamilton, Michael Recurrent Visiting Faculty (University of East Anglia), Ph.D., University of Ulster, UK
  • Holzleitner, Elisabeth Visiting Faculty (Universitat Wien, Austria); Doktorin Juris, Universitat Wien, Austria
  • Mahlmann, Matthias Recurrent Visiting Faculty (University of Zurich, Switzerland); Dr. iur. (Habiliation), Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
  • Mancini, Susanna Recurrent Visiting Faculty (University of Bologna School of Law, Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies of the Johns Hopkins University, Bologna, Italy); Ph.D., European University Institute, Italy
  • Nagy, Csongor István Recurrent Visiting Faculty (University of Szeged, Private International Law Department, Hungary); Ph.D., Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary; S.J.D., Central European University, Hungary
  • Parmar, Sejal Visiting Faculty (The University of Sheffield); Ph.D., European University Institute, Florence
  • Pavic, Vladimir Recurrent Visiting Faculty (Belgrade University, Faculty of Law, Serbia); S.J.D., Central European University, Hungary
  • Petsche, Alexander Visiting Faculty (Baker McKenzie - Diwok Hermann Petsche Rechtsanwälte LLP & Co KG); Dr., University of Economics and Business Administration, Austria; Dr. iur., University of Vienna, Austria
  • Rosenfeld, Michel Recurrent Visiting Faculty (Yeshiva University, Benjamin Cardozo School of Law, US); Ph.D. in Philosophy, Columbia University, US
  • Thiruvengadam, Arun K. Recurrent Visiting Faculty (Professor of Law at the School of Policy and Governance, Azim Premji University, India); J.S.D. in Law, New York University, USA
  • Urtz, Christoph Visiting Faculty (BakerMcKenzie, Austria); Hab. University of Salzburg, Austria 
  • Whitehead, Charles K. Recurrent Visiting Faculty (Cornell University Law School, US); J.D., Columbia Law School, US