Vis Moot - Selection Criteria

The Central European University at the Willem C. Vis Moot
CEU is traditionally represented every year at the Vienna Vis Moot by a team consisting of four to six students from the International Business Law Stream of the Legal Studies Department. Students are not exempted from their academic obligations, and remain subject to the Legal Studies Department attendance policy with regard to their preparation for the competition. Participation in the Moot will be acknowledged in the students' transcripts, and they will receive one credit of pass/fail value.

Selection Criteria
Joining the Vis Moot team is a competitive process. Upon the announcement for call of participants in mid-September, the students willing to participate in the Moot shall express their interest to the coaches. While prior involvement in a competition of the similar kind is not a prerequisite to the admission to the CEU Vis Moot team, it might be taken into consideration for the selection. Candidates will be invited to a discussion where they will be asked to analyze a brief hypo on international sales and arbitration. While basic acquaintance with the CISG is presumed at this stage, analytical and writing skills, as well as speaking abilities will be primarily analyzed. The selection decisions will be announced by the end of September - beginning of October, and the preparation will start shortly thereafter.

Selection of the Speakers
Students should bear in mind that the Moot is a teamwork educational project. The participation of every member is crucial both to the overall success of the team and to the individual success of any of the participants. While every member should complete an equal amount of similar work in drafting the memoranda, and usually everybody will have a chance to plead in the internal oral rehearsals, not every team member will speak in the competition itself. Regularly only two oralists will be selected by the Moot instructors to represent the CEU team at the oral arguments in Vienna (this number can be increased, depending on the ability of the actual team members, to be assessed by the coaches during the selection process).