Vis Moot - CEU Teams

24th Moot - Academic year 2016/17

Team members: Tamuna Beridze, Alexander Mzhelskiy, Radu Somlea, Yuliya Edlina

Coaches: Wasiq Dar, Boris Prastalo

Tamuna Beridze is currently pursuing an LL.M. degree in International Business Law at Central European University in Budapest. She holds Master of Laws degree from Tbilisi State University. During the academic year 2015-2016, she was the scholar of Visegrad Fund Master Research Project and was enrolled as a research student at Eotvos Lorand University in Budapest. Her research activities during this period were mostly focused on the project titled Development Perspectives of Consumer Online Alternative Dispute Resolution in Georgia under the EU association Agreement. Tamuna went through a 5-month internship programme at one of the leading law firms in Budapest “Oppenheim” where she was specialising in the field of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Tamuna was chosen to represent CEU at the 24th Willem C. Vis Moot Competition to be held in Vienna.

Alexander Mzhelskiy received his LL.B. with honors from Omsk State University. During the course of his studies, he participated in national moot contests. In the year 2016 Alexander enrolled in the International Business Law programme at Central European University in Budapest. His master thesis focuses on the issue of currency fluctuations. Alexander was chosen to represent CEU at the 24th Willem C. Vis Moot Competition to be held in Vienna.


Radu Șomlea has earned his LL.B. degree from “Babeș-Bolyai” University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He also studied for a year as part of an exchange programme at the Exeter University in the UK, focusing on fields such as company law and commercial law. He is the Managing Editor of the Magazine where he enjoys the opportunity to assess, review, and aid, where needed, other legal entries submitted by fellow students from Europe. As an LL.M. student at CEU, his main areas of interest are international commercial law, ADR and intellectual property law, with the intellectual property law being the focus of his master’s thesis. Radu was chosen to represent CEU at the 24th Willem C. Vis Moot Competition to be held in Vienna.

Yuliya Edlina received her LL.M. in International Law degree in 2011 from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty, Kazakhstan. During her studies Yuliya worked as a research fellow at the Institute of State and Law. After graduation, Yuliya pursued a career as a legal consultant at a Big4 company with the main focus on mergers and acquisitions, legal due diligence and corporate law. Yuliya enrolled in the International Business Law master programme at CEU in 2016. Her major fields of interest include international transactions, intellectual property as well as contract law and corporate law. She is writing her thesis on contractual aspects of electronic commerce. Yuliya was chosen to represent CEU at the 24th Willem C. Vis Moot Competition to be held in Vienna.

23rd Moot - Academic year 2015/16

Team members: Rudrani Banerjee, Anastasia Filipiuk, Olha Hryvnik, Giorgi Kekenadze

Coach: Rebecca Khan and Professor Markus Petsche

22nd Moot - Academic Year 2014/15

Coach: Patricia Živković

Alona KiriakAlona Kiriak received her Master’s degree in International Law in 2014 at Institute of International Relations Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine. She specialized in European Law and wrote her thesis on collective management of copyright in EU. Since August 2014, Alona has been enrolled in LL.M. Program in International Business Law at CEU. Her main areas of interest include IP and ADR. Her thesis focuses on international commercial arbitration.

As a member of CEU’s Vis Moot Team, she works on procedural issues.

Ira MiesslerIra Miessler took the First State Exam and earned her Law Degree in 2014 at the Law Faculty of Freie Universtät Berlin, Germany. During her studies she specialized on Company Law and Competition Law. Parallel to her studies she worked as a research assistant in a law firm, that focused on Bankruptcy Law. In August 2014 Ira enrolled in the LL.M. Program International Business Law at CEU. She is writing her master thesis in area of Comparative Bankruptcy Law.

As a member of CEU's Vis Moot team, she works on substantive issues.


Ani Nadareishvili Ani Nadareishvili earned her Bachelor of Law degree in 2014 at the Faculty of Law at Tbilisi State University. During her LLB study she was involved in mooting and represented her university on national level. Ani has developed interest towards legal writing, contract drafting and editing. She has participated is winter school organized by National Center for Commercial Law with co-operation of Washburn University and Judicial Independence and Legal Empowerment Project (JILEP) on negotiating and drafting commercial contracts. Ani has completed an internship in National Center for Commercial Law, Georgia. During internship she worked on Georgian translation of International Convention on the Carriage of Goods by Sea (Hamburg Rules) and UNIDRIOT Principles 2010. Ani enrolled in International Business Law LLM program at Central European University in 2014. Her areas of interest are international business transactions, law of sales and ADR. Her master thesis focuses on Applicability of the CISG in the context of international commercial arbitration. Ani fluently speaks Georgian, Russian and English.

As a member of CEU Vis Moot team she works on substantive issues.

Matej Turjanik Matej Turjanik has earned his LLB (International Legal Studies) degree at the University of Southampton (UK). His research focused on various issues connected with class actions and the possibilities for the implementation of new/reformed class action regimes in England and Ontario. Matej also studied at the University of Ottawa in Canada, which enhanced his understanding of both: federations and mixed jurisdictions (civil and common law). As an LLM (International Business Law) student at CEU, Matej focuses his research on secured transactions in the realm of project finance and on interactions between law and corporations. His main areas of interest are: regulatory compliance, corporate law, international trade and international commercial arbitration.

As a member of the 2014/15 CEU Vis Moot Team, Matej works on problems connected with procedures in international commercial arbitration.

Previous teams:

CEU Vis Moot team 2013/201421th Moot - Academic Year 2013/14

Team members: Nino Jajanidze, Hugo Mendes, Pranas Mykolas Mickus, Volodymyr Rog, Ketevan Zukakishvili

Coach: Patricia Živković

20th Moot - Academic Year 2012/13

The CEU team was awarded with an Honorable Mention for the Memorandum for Respondent!

Team members: Jasmina Dzaferovic, Maryna Krasnoposlka, Tamas Kubassek and  Olena Papazova

Coach: Liana Kartsivadze and Alexandra Horváthová


19th Moot - Academic Year 2011/12

Team members: Dmytro Galagan, Anna Mychka, Alexandra Horvathova, Olga Sukhorukova

Coach: Liana Kartsivadze


18th Moot - Academic Year 2010/11

Team members: Asress Gikay, Ani Nozadze, Klaudia Fabian, Dinara Asanbaeva

Coach: Liana Kartsivadze


17th Moot - Academic Year 2009/10

The first CEU team awarded with an Honorable Mention for the Memorandum for Respondent!

Team members: Besmir Beja, Gabriela Dan, Liana Kartsivadze, Kanykei Kasybekova

Coaches: Dalma Demeter, Rustamjon Rasulov


 16th Moot - Academic Year 2008/09

The first CEU team entering the elimination rounds - ranked 44 out of 228!

Team members: Anna Dreyzina, Begayim Esenkulova, Karyna Loban, Asel Momoshova, Amina Rustamova

 Coaches: Dalma Demeter, Leonila Guglya


  15th Moot – Academic Year 2007/2008

Team members: Elnur Aliyev, Natalya Antsiperova, Ilona Panurco, Aleksei Ponomarev, Rustamjon Rasulov, Gergely Szaloki

Coaches: Ileana Smeureanu, Leonila Guglya


14th Moot – Academic Year 2006/2007

Team members: Arnisa Gorezi, Elena Gorshkova, Zhanna Kalistratova, Yuhniwo Ngenge, Victor Yevpak


         13th Moot – Academic Year 2005/2006

Team members: Andrea Fejes, Leonila Guglya, Alexandr Svetlicinii, Njoya Tikum, Sofio Tkemaladze



12th Moot – Academic Year 2004/2005

Team members: Adela-Ioana Florescu, Byron Hing, Elena Kotlyarova, Atanas Mihaylov, Tetyana Vovk


          11th Moot – 2003/2004 academic year

Team members: Dalma Demeter, Lyubomira Gramcheva, Sabina-Nicoleta Raicu, Krzysztof Siewicz, Ileana Mihaela Smeureanu, Dalibor Vojta


10th Moot – 2002/2003 academic year

Team members: Maciej De Abgaro Zachariasiewicz, Mihai – Serban Dumitrache, Emanuela Ivan, Jan Jirovec, Matija Kahne, Ioana Waszkiewicz-Filioreanu


9th Moot - 2001/2002 academic year

Team members: Anar Aliyev, Andrzej Barchanski, Lukasz Gruszczynski, Dmitry Ivanov, Beata Struharova