Doctoral Program

Degree requirements:

Applicants for the Doctoral Program must hold a qualifying law degree, i.e. a law degree that, from an academic perspective, allows its holder to seek admission to the bar in the jurisdiction concerned. Non-university practice or traineeship periods for such bar admission shall not be necessary. Applicants who do not hold a qualifying law degree are eligible if they have earned an LLM degree from an accredited university. In the event that this LLM degree is a CEU one, applicants must have obtained a GPA equal or superior to 3.33 (B+).

Applicants enrolled in a doctoral program at CEU cannot be simultaneously enrolled in other institutions of higher education.

Application requirements: 

The Doctoral Program of the Department of Legal Studies asks applicants to submit the following documents:

Completed applications must be submitted through online application system by the deadline. Late submission of required documents is not possible, and incomplete applications may lead to early stage rejection.

Candidates intending to write their thesis in the domain of comparative constitutional law, may find the following readings useful:

  • R Hirschl, Comparative Matters: The Renaissance of Comparative Constitutional Law, OUP 2014

The admission procedure is composed of the following:

  • Review of application packages
  • Online interview offered to selected applicants on the basis of their application package 

The Department of Legal Studies reserves the right to check the originality of all submissions.