Renáta Uitz

Chair of the Comparative Constitutional Law Program

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Nador u. 11
+36 1 327 3201

On research leave during Academic Year 2015-2016.

Renáta Uitz is professor of comparative constitutional law. She started teaching at CEU in 2001, and became chair of the Comparative Constitutional Law program in 2007. Her teaching covers subjects in comparative constitutional law in Europe and North America, and human rights protection with special emphasis on the enforcement of constitutional rights and on issues of bodily privacy and sexuality. Theories and practices of good government in and after transition, questions of personal autonomy and equality, including religious liberty and LGBT rights, are at the center of her research interests. She is the author of Constitutions, Courts and History (2004) and Freedom of Religion in European Constitutional and International Case Law (2007). More recently she edited Arguments that Work: Strategies, Contexts and Limits in Constitutional Law (2013); Religion in the Public Square: Perspectives on Secularism (2014); Freedom and Its Enemies: The Tragedy of Liberty (2015).


SJD, CCL Program, Legal Studies Department, CEU Budapest
LLM, CCL Program, Legal Studies Department, CEU Budapest
Doctor iuris, Eotvos Lorant University, BUdapest

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