Arnisa Tepelija

Year of Enrollment: 

Arnisa is an SJD candidate in Comparative Constitutional Law at CEU. She holds a Bachelor of Law and Master of Science degree in Law from the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana, and an MA in European and International Studies from Centre International de Formation Européenne -CIFE (summa cum laude). Her research topic and research interests span around judicial independence as a cornerstone of the rule of law in European Constitutional law, as well as processes of judicial reformation and Europeanization. She has a demonstrated history of working in the law practice industry, international organizations and governmental agencies, providing expertise in judiciary reforms, anti-corruption, and Europeanization integration processes for pre-accession countries.

Research Thesis: “Building judicial independence through Europeanization- the case of Albania”

Supervisor: Prof.As. Marie-Pierre Granger

Latest Activities:

Participation at the ICON-S Conference, Italian Chapter 2023 at Bocconi University, 13-14 October : Politics and Institutions between Transformation and Reforms with the paper:
Abstentions, recusals and cooling-off periods at the constitutional courts of selected countries in the Western Balkans

Participation at the UACES Conference 2023 at the EU Law and Justice virtual panel, with the paper : “Of Dialogues and Measures: Inside and Outside Ways of EU Dealing with the Rule of Law Regression

Participation at the ECPR Joint Sessions, Toulouse Sciences Po 2023 in the Workshop “Judicial Resilience and Democratic Decay” to discuss in detail the PhD project in the form of a paper named “Was it truly created in Her own image? Constituting judicial independence through Europeanization in Albania”