LL.M. in International Business Law

Degree requirements

Applicants for the LL.M. in International Business Law program must have completed their undergraduate studies in law before enrolling to the program. A law degree will be considered as adequate if - in a given country - it presents sufficient academic requirements for taking the Bar exam.  

Application requirements

Completed applications must be submitted through online application system (LLM in International Business Law) by the deadline. 

Required documents for online application:

o   Curriculum Vitae

o   Copy of passport containing the applicant's ID photo

o   Proof of English proficiency 

o   Certified English version of full transcripts

o   Certified English version of diploma(s), or official documentation indicating the expected date of graduation

o   Two academic referees / One academic and one professional referee if the candidate has more than three years of work experience (email addresses directly uploaded to online application system)

o    1500-word essay (in total;  750 words - excluding footnotes and bibliography - per question) on the topics below specified by the respective programs (both questions need to be answered): 

“Under the principle of private international law party autonomy, the parties to an international transaction may select the applicable substantive law or rules of law. Explain what the limitations on this principle are. You may answer this question under the laws of your home country and/or the laws of any other country that you are familiar with.”


 “Force majeure (or vis major) and hardship are two concepts that govern situations of changed circumstances in international commercial contracts. Please:

(a)               Explain the difference between force majeure and hardship, providing an example of each; and

(b)               Explain how changed circumstances are regulated in your home jurisdiction, making comparisons with these two concepts.”

NOTE: Late submission of required documents is not possible, and incomplete applications may lead to early stage rejection.


The Legal Studies admissions examination is composed of the following:

  • Review of application packages
  • Telephone/Skype interview offered to selected applicants on the basis of their application package

The Department of Legal Studies reserves the right to check the originality of all submissions.

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