International Business Law – credit requirements (IBL LL.M.)

Students studying for an LL.M. degree in International Business Law shall obtain 24 Legal Studies course credits and shall write a short thesis; or they shall obtain 21 credits and write a long thesis.

 The course credits shall be obtained according to the following rules:

Mandatory courses

  • Computer-based Legal Research/ S.J.D. candidates (Orientations, 0 credit)
  • Anglo-American Legal Concepts / Jessica Lawrence (Fall term, 0 credit)
  • Contracts – Introduction with Focus on Common Law/ Caterina Sganga (Fall term, 0 credit)
  • Contracts – Introduction with Focus on Civil Law / Markus Petsche (Fall term, 0 credit)
  • EU Law I / Jessica Lawrence (Fall term, 0 credit)
  • Regulatory Environment of Business / Tibor Tajti (Fall term, 0 credit)
  • Thesis Writing Course / CAW Instructor (Winter term, 0 credit)

 Restricted elective courses (2 credits shall be obtained out of 4)

  • Threats in the Environment of International Business / Markus Petsche (Fall term, 1 credit)
  • International Economic Policy and Migration / Jessica Lawrence (Winter term, 2 credits)
  • Environmental Law and Regulations / Jessica Lawrence (Spring term, 1 credit)

For the mandatory courses, IBL LL.M. students do not receive any credits at the end of the academic year. Accordingly, IBL LL.M. students shall take an additional 24 course credits (including restricted elective courses) during the academic year if they submit a short thesis, or 21 course credits if they submit a long thesis. Students are strongly encouraged to opt for writing a short master’s thesis.