Hungarian Partnerships

For CEU, partnerships with other universities are an essential part of our open society mission. CEU partners with institutions and universities across the globe, offering opportunities for our students, faculty and researchers to benefit from and contribute to the development of new knowledge in a wide variety of fields. Partnerships with Hungarian institutions are of particular importance to CEU, which has called Budapest home for more than two decades. Below please find more information on our department's partnerships with Hungarian institutions.

Joint projects

The 1st annual conference of the Journal of International Relations and Development, the official periodical of the Central East European International Studies Association, in cooperation with ELTE in Nov2017.

Cooperation Agreements

  • Human Rights Information and Documentation Center - Human Rights Information and Documentation Centre (INDOK) - European master's program in Human Rights and Democratization (E.MA) students attend courses at the CEU Department of Legal Studies 
  • Institute for Legal Studies at the Center for Social Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MoU)


  • Prof Petsche - Visiting Professor at ELTE for the last three years; member of a Ph.D. defense Committee at Andrassy University
  • Prof Bard - Regular examiner at Pázmány at state exams; Regular member of the PhD defense panels and opponent at Miskolc University, Pázmány, Szeged and ELTE; Member of the editorial board of the following journals: Miskolci Jogi Szemle, Ügyészek Lapja, Eljárásjogi Szemle; Member of the Research Board of the National Institute of Criminology operating under the Office of the General Prosecutor; Member of the Scientific Council of the Hungarian Lawyers’ Association; Member of the Board of Directors of the Human Rights Documentation and Information Center (INDOK); Regular reviewer of OTKA applications 
  • Prof Moschel - Board Member (for CEU) of the Budapest Centre for Mass Atrocities Prevention
  • Prof Tajti – lecturer and panelist at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences; participant at conferences at Pázmány University; member of a PhD Defense Committee at University of Szeged 
  • Faculty, Visiting Faculty and doctoral students presenting at conferences