Frequently asked questions about admissions

On what grounds may I be exempted from the English language testing?

Candidates whose first language is English are normally exempt from this requirement. Candidates meeting the following requirements may also be exempted:

  1. current or former CEU students applying to CEU's master's or doctoral programs;
  2. candidates who have earned a bachelor's or a master's degree taught exclusively in English. Please note: CEU reserves the right to request proof that the program was taught entirely in English if not evident from the academic records provided.

What does “official English version” of my academic documents mean?

Your online application must include a scanned image of

  1. an official English version OR translation of your full bachelor's (and, for doctoral programs, master's) transcript (transcript = an official report supplied by a school on the record of an individual student, listing subjects studied and grades received), including an explanation of the grading system, and
  2. an official English version OR translation of your bachelor's (and, for doctoral programs, master's) diploma.


  • An official English translation bears the stamp and signature of a sworn translator or an authorized official of the institution that has issued the original. It should contain the stamp and signature on each page or over a folded and fastened corner of the document, and include a statement of authenticity in English.
  • Candidates in the process of completing a degree program must upload an official interim transcript and, in place of the diploma, a certificate of enrollment confirming their student status and, if possible, stating their expected date of graduation.
  • Candidates having completed their degree program and having yet to receive their diploma must upload a certificate of graduation.
  • Candidates who have taken courses at more than one institution as part of their degree program need to submit an official transcript from each school, unless the transfer credits are listed in detail (course names, credits, grades) on their final transcript.
  • Candidates applying for a one-year Master's program at CEU that have earned a three-year undergraduate degree and have completed or are, at the time of application, completing a Master's program at another university must submit their Master's transcript (and diploma, if already available) in addition to their Bachelor's transcript and diploma.
  • The official "Diploma Supplement" issued by European institutions is not valid without an official copy (and translation if applicable) of the diploma.

Do I have to mail my official documents to CEU before the application deadline?

No, official documents do not need to be mailed to CEU at any time before acceptance. All documents shall be uploaded to the online application system.

I have a 3-year Bachelor’s diploma, do I qualify for acceptance?

For the LL.M. programs exceptionally three years of undergraduate studies in law are accepted from countries where the structure of legal education allows these graduates to take the Bar exam.

For the M.A. in Human Rights program admission with a three-year Bachelor’s degree may also be possible for suitable candidates in exceptional cases.

Can I upload the recommendation letters myself?

No, the letters of recommendation must be written by faculty members or job supervisors – i.e. people most familiar with your academic and/or professional abilities and character – in English, and should be sent by the recommenders via the online recommendation form by the same deadline as the application itself. For more information, please refer to www.ceu.edu/admissions/how-to-apply/checklist.

Do I qualify for financial aid?

Financial aid packages are distributed on the basis of merits and need, taking into consideration the application package and the examination scores. All of our programs offer the full range of CEU financial packages.

I am applying for an external scholarship and need an early acceptance decision. Is it possible?

The Department of Legal Studies will issue preliminary acceptance letters on a conditional basis for those applying for external scholarships. The precondition is that the applicant submits a full application package in the online application and meets the formal requirements of the specific program. After submitting the application, the candidate must notify the central CEU admissions office via email about the request. Early acceptance will not exempt applicants from taking the departmental assessment.

Until when do I need to submit my English language score?

Candidates submitting a test score of the English language exams should upload a scan of their score report to the relevant section of their online application. In case the score report is not available at the time of application, the candidate should upload proof of having taken the test in lieu of the actual test score.

What if I would like to apply for more than one program at the Department of Legal Studies?

Those who apply for more than one program at our department (e.g. LL.M. in Human Rights and LL.M. in International Business Law) are required to submit full separate application packages for each program.

For further general, admissions related information please visit: https://www.ceu.edu/faq