The 21th moot, as experienced by the CEU team:

CEU Legal Students Vis Moot Participation Q&A

The 17th moot, as experienced by the CEU team:

Being the member of a Moot team is not an easy task: saying no to almost all the free time you have, without even knowing why. At the beginning it is very exciting, it adds more importance to your school life, and you feel responsibility; but after two weeks of continuously working on Claimant’s Memo, you might even end up hating it all. The first moment of release is once the Claimant’s Memo is submitted, but you cannot stop thinking about pumps, Deputy CEO, dispute settlement and warranty clause … and you spend more time with your team members than you wish. It seems to be never-ending hard work …


And then, some six months later, you find yourself in Vienna, surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of Mooties, and you understand that you have a lot in common … and that is the moment when it becomes clear what these six months were all about. You feel like you are part of a huge worldwide family, united by one thing: the Vis Moot.

The emotions that fill you are very hard to describe. There are no more sleepless nights, tiring days or pressing submission deadlines… all you remember are the positive emotions…

You realize that it worth every second spent on this enormous work, and you are grateful for the day when you first stepped into this world. In the end, whether you have qualified or received an award or not, whether you were first on the list or last, you have a unique, great experience behind you; even more, you have a great team with you - now your dearest, lifelong friends - and you do not want your Moot, one of the best periods of life, to end.