Degree requirements

For the degree of Master of Laws in International Business Law, Master of Laws in Comparative Constitutional Law, Master of Laws in Human Rights and Master of Arts in Human Rights students must complete a minimum of 30 US credits / 60 ECTS through coursework and capstone project or thesis.

For the degree with the Capstone track students must complete 26 course credits and 4 Capstone Project credits.

For the degree with the Thesis track students must complete 24 course credits and 6 Thesis credits.

The minimum final passing grade point average (GPA) for the LL.M. and M.A. degrees cannot be less than 2.66 which corresponds to a letter grade between C+ and B-. Please note that the GPA is based on course grades and the grade for the final submission (Capstone project or Thesis).

For further details please consult the Information Booklet.