Computer Based Legal Research for HR MA

Course Description: 

This class aims to make the students familiar with key legal databases, both free and subscription-based. The course is spread over 5 classes, each of which shall focus on a specific database, used for different jurisdictions.

Assignments shall be given out at the end of each class for them to be submitted within a particular timeframe, in order to ascertain the student’s familiarity with the databases’ usage.

The classes shall be carried out in an interactive manner, in order to determine whether the students are being able to understand the information being given out to them.

Learning Outcomes: 

Ability to locate and collect data from primary and secondary sources in multiple jurisdictions;

Ability to do independent research using various legal databases.

Ability to use such data in understanding case briefs and case notes.

Ability to use information gathered in creating proper case citations and references in written material.


Students will receive computer-based research tasks to be submitted electronically before the beginning of the following class. These assignments do call for additional research. Access to resources available at CEU is absolutely sufficient to complete these assignments. Research tasks shall be based exclusively on individual work; these are not group exercises.

Evaluation is based on in-class participation (25%), written assignment (50%) and individual research exercise and presentation (25%). The course is graded as Pass/Fail; only internally evaluated with letter grades. No separate final exam will follow this course.

Assignments shall be submitted until 12 pm on the day before the class via the course’s e-learning site. Late submissions are not considered.

Written assignments are evaluated as Pass or Rewrite. Unsatisfactory written assignments may be returned for revision. A successfully revised assignment is considered satisfactory in the final assessment. Revised written assignments shall be re-submitted through the e- learning site a.s.a.p., but not later than the day of the last class meeting. An unsuccessfully revised assignment is considered as Fail.

Format: Times New Roman 12 pt., double-spaced, normal margins, max. 1 page. Please use spell-check. Please put your name (not ID) on the assignment.

Rules of academic honesty apply to all written work for the course.