Computer Based Legal Research for CCL students

Course Description: 

Understanding legal language and terms of art is essential to success in all types of legal settings and endeavors. This course will help students understand legal terms in English by introducing and discussing fundamental concepts of the (mostly U.S.) common law system though reading court decisions. Students will develop and sharpen their skills required for taking notes on cases and writing case-briefs. Furthermore, since additional research is a necessary part of both preparation for classes and writing the final thesis writing, the course will provide introduction to using key legal databases (free and subscription based). Short written assignments are used to follow the development of relevant skills and to evaluate performance throughout the course.

Learning Outcomes: 

This class shall aid students in:
• Ability to locate and collect data from primary and secondary sources in multiple jurisdictions;

• Ability to do independent research using various legal databases.

• Utilising such data in understanding case briefs, case notes

• Utilising information gathered in creating proper case citations and references in written material.


Evaluation is based on written assignments listed in the syllabus below.