EU Asylum Law and Policy: More Coherence or Demise?

Course Description: 

This course thoroughly investigates the European asylum acquis  and practice from its inception to the crisis of 2015-2016. It  analyses in detail the building blocks of the Common European Asylum System. The institutional aspects of the EU asylum acquis will also be reviewed enabling the non-EU law trained person a full  and deep understanding of the system of refugee protection in the EU.

Some knowledge of international law in particular familiarity with the Geneva Convention (1951/1967) based refugee regime  is welcome. The course is taught from the perspective of the asylum seeker, based on the conviction that those threatened with persecution or serious harm must have access to protection.

Learning Outcomes: 

The course enables the student to understand the specificity of refugee protection, compared to other disadvantaged groups and the regional idiosyncrasies of the sub-regional EU regime. Key terms of refugee protection as well as exclusion from protection and its end will be clearly understood with all the borderline cases being deliberated.

 Students, having taken the course will be able to demonstrate a familiarity with the functioning of the refugee protection within the EU, the key legal and institutional elements building up that regime. They will be enabled to deliberate policy dilemmas competently.

 Identification of gaps in the protection regime and weighing option for the future is expected from the successful student of the course.


The final grade is based on class-participation and  oral / written assignments (30%) and a written final essay (70%).