Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Clinical Course

Course Description: 

The LLM Entrepreneurship and Innovation Clinic is a joint initiative of the Department of Legal Studies and the CEU Innovation Labs. It represents a unique opportunity for LLM students to gain practical, real-life experience on how to work with business people and how to become a real contributor to a business’ success. As one of the leading start-up incubators in the CEE, the CEU Innovation Labs assists CEU students and alumni in developing their innovative new business ideas with the ambition to make a global impact on society. At the Clinic LLM students become legal advisors to the Lab’s new ventures, helping the teams with the legal problems they face in building and launching their start-ups. The course offers a blend of theories and practice. The first four sessions are devoted to the foundations of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial finance, and to the development of soft skills such as, inter alia, interacting with and interviewing a client, translating business questions into legal problems, structuring and drafting a legal memorandum. In the second part of the Clinic, groups made of two students are paired with the Lab’s start-ups, hold meetings with them under the supervision of experienced attorneys, and are expected to deliver a final memo that addresses their clients’ legal issues and provides legal strategies that effectively contribute to their clients’ success. During the last session, teams present their experience and findings in front of their instructors and the entire IBL faculty.

Learning Outcomes: