Designing and Implementing Human Rights Projects

Course Description: 

The course is designed to give students the opportunity to develop skills related to advocacy, such as: research, paper writing, and public speaking. Each student enrolled in the course is paired with a professional at a non-profit organization in Budapest, who will act as a mentor. Students will receive constant support and guidance from their mentors, who will help them in their research and writing process (advocacy paper). There will also be several workshops aimed to give students the skills necessary for conducting effective advocacy.

This course is limited to 10 students.

Learning Outcomes: 



Assessment will be based on class participation and the final research paper and its presentation. Attendance of all three scheduled class sessions is mandatory. First class will be in Module 4, second and third classes will be in Module 5. Students are expected to meet continuously with their mentor during the research period, and present their research and paper at the final class meeting in Module 5. DIHRP is a pass/fail (not for grade) 1-credit course within the CEU Department of Legal Studies.