Demise of Constitutionalism: Workshop

Course Description: 

This advanced workshop with leading experts of the problem discusses questions of the recent attacks to human rights as part of the anti-constitutionalist backlash and also techniques to counter arguments and legal practices that endanger constitutionalism. The anti-human rights argument is, among others,  the following: ‘There is conceptual and political relativity in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 and in the whole human rights movement. The Declaration and all its aftermath are the product of liberal relativism, projected globally through European imperialism. There is no logical or geopolitical possibility of universality of any set of values which can be called "universal human rights." Therefore, these references serve only as theoretically unfounded grounds to restrict the powers of a sovereign nations to defend itself against foreign interference and risks stemming from global forces. There is nothing talismanic in fundamental rights and the needs of the nation shall prevails against abstract, unfounded principles which are leftovers from a post World War 2 ideology.’

Allowing the fallacy of universality of human rights to persist enables neocolonial powers to continue their interventionist policies in the name of the “civilizing mission of human rights.”|Students are expected to participate in the workshop which will be a full day event, followed by class work. Students who did not take Decline of Constitutionalism 1 are to take an admission test based on mandatory readings.

Learning Outcomes: