Contracts - Introduction with a Focus on Civil Law

Course Description: 

This course provides an introduction to the contract laws of two significant civil law jurisdictions: France and Germany. It explores a variety of issues including contract formation; contract validity; the obligations of the parties; remedies for non-performance or defective performance; and exemptions from liability.

Learning Outcomes: 

Basic knowledge of French and German contract law and familiarity with a variety of relevant judicial rulings;

Understanding of the fundamental differences between French and German contract law in terms of concepts, institutions, and rules;

Ability to determine how individual cases decided in one jurisdiction might be decided in the other jurisdiction;

Ability to compare the approaches followed under French and German law with the approaches adopted in one’s home jurisdiction.


The final grade is based on class-participation [20%] and a written final exam [80%]. The final examination is a 2-hour open-book classroom exam comprising one problem question and one essay question (i.e. a total of two questions).