Academic Legal Writing and Research Group 1

Course Description: 

This course is designed for students who are already familiar with the basics of academic writing but aim to improve their academic writing skills. This course will cover topics including: using sources properly and avoiding plagiarism, critical reading and critical writing; framing, organising and structuring work; applying the comparative (law) approach; and using good style. The course is organised as an interactive seminar and will encourage students to both present samples of their written work and to critique the work of others.


The goal of the course is to improve students’ academic writing and research skills.

Learning Outcomes: 
  1. Ability to think critically at a basic level.
  2. Ability to select, locate and collect data from primary and secondary sources in multiple jurisdictions and evaluate that information.
  3. Ability to use secondary sources efficiently and appropriately.
  4. Ability to design a research project independently and conduct research based writing.
  5. Ability to write summaries and conduct academic writing, structuring and argumentation in English.

All the classes require students to read the assigned materials and prepare for class.

This course will be marked as pass or fail (i.e. without a % grade).  However, students will be assessed on oral and written assignments, as well as their general class participation.

The written assignments, which require individual work, should be submitted via the e-learning site and in hard copy. Students should put their names on two written assignments and are recommended to use Times New Roman 12pt, 1.5 line spacing with no extra-wide or extra-narrow margins and appropriate pagination. Unsatisfactory work will be returned for revision.