Matea Sander

October 18, 2021

CEU made me into a global citizen and I will be forever grateful for all that it taught me. I considered myself to be open minded, tolerant and accepting before CEU, but at CEU I grew and learned even more. The exchange I had with the students there broadened my horizons and made me a better person.

Professor at International Business Law program, Frederick Abbott, who had rich experience in pharmaceutical industry taught us patent law and explained to us the concept of access to medicine as basic human right. His teachings made a deep impact on me. I left CEU with a strong decision to make the world a better place by helping medicines reach as many patients as possible. I found my professional purpose in that class. Nothing ever resonated with me both professionally and privately more than that. It took me some time to build a career in pharma. Along the way I also fell in love with IT industry and all the wonderful things it can bring to the economy and society in general. However, after I received the offer to come work in Legal at Sandoz, everything just fell into the right place. Sandoz is a generic pharma company with access to medicine sawn into company's DNA. My professional calling and my intrinsic human purpose were never more in harmony than now. My tasks include advising the company on all legal matters for Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Montenegro - dealing with various contracts, statutory law, labor law and some interesting digital initiatives.

For all the future CEU students I would like to say - Go for it! Apply and study at CEU, you won't regret a minute of it. People you will study with will be fascinating individuals, your professors will be remarkable academics, you will learn and grow more than you can imagine.”