Lovro Klepac

September 22, 2021

Lovro Klepac received his Master of Laws degree in International Business Law from CEU in 2017. While there, his research interests concerned commercial law and business transactions in a transnational environment, with international business transactions and the application of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods as his thesis topic. Lovro commends the quality of courses and professors on the program, finding the experience “truly valuable.” He says there was a good range of extra-curricular activities such as student/alumni events and sports, and like many other students he thrived off the diversity of the student body, socializing with - and absorbing the knowledge of - lawyers from various jurisdictions, as well as befriending students from other departments. He says that he “found the overall atmosphere, organization and quality of education at CEU amazing,” motivating him to “participate in domestic and international conferences” and to go on to earn a PhD from the University of Rijeka in Croatia after graduating.

CEU helped Lovro travel to Rome for two weeks to conduct research at UNIDRIOT, but more pertinently, his education at CEU provided him with a firm basis for a legal career grappling with cross-border issues. Shortly after graduating, Lovro joined Babić & Partners, one of Croatia’s leading law firms, and was admitted to the Croatian Bar Association, passing the bar exam in 2019. Lovro’s practice comprises all aspects of data protection, competition, information technology, and telecoms law. As a senior associate, he advises clients from the pharmaceutical, software, clothing, retail, and financial services sectors on Croatian regulations, as well as providing privacy and regulatory support on M&A deals.

When asked whether he has any advice for current or prospective students, Lovro recommended that current students make the most of the extra-curricular activities and social life at CEU. Regarding prospective students, he simply suggests that they apply.