Gergely Szalóki

September 22, 2021

Gergely Szalóki, a lawyer and partner in Schoenherr Law firm, specializes in banking, financial services, corporate finance, capital markets, and financial institutions.  He was admitted to the bar in Hungary in 2011, not long after the completion of his studies at CEU.

At CEU, his research interests included project financing with a specific focus on energy projects, and his thesis was on the topic of securing loans for energy projects. CEU provided Gergely with relevant and up-to-date knowledge that served as the foundation for his successful career as a financial lawyer.

Gergely holds the quality of the education at CEU in high regard. The knowledge he picked up was practical, the lectures were high quality, and the professors were approachable if students needed assistance or further clarification. He particularly valued the teaching methodology, which he asserts stressed the importance of analysis and reasoning over mere rote-learning. Gergely advice for both current and prospective students is not to be afraid to invest in their knowledge, and indeed, his career demonstrates that an investment in education at CEU is a valuable asset in a legal career.