Justin Cyubahiro

May 31, 2021

“The most important experience that I gained from CEU is a broad knowledge base that can keep my mind open, agile, and communicative with different legal systems across the world,” says Justin Cyubahiro - a graduate of the LL.M. in International Business Law program at CEU.

Justin is a corporate lawyer licensed by the Rwanda Bar Association with more than ten years’ experience. He is currently working with the Horizon Group Ltd. in Rwanda, and his responsibilities are mostly centered around ensuring effective corporate governance within the company as a whole and overseeing legal affairs and compliance across the different sectors in which the Horizon Group is invested, namely sustainable infrastructure, high value agribusiness and intelligent logistics.

He mentions that all his classes at CEU were thrilling, but he was particularly impressed with Prof. Tajti’s Capital Market and Securities Transactions course; “CEU placed me at the interface of lecturers with high seniority and experience and induced me to take an active role in a dynamic academic environment devoid of learning distractions and structured to leverage diversity,” he says.

His thesis topic at CEU focused on Comparative Bankruptcy Law; “I am now focused on other fields including company law, corporate governance, tax, and commercial arbitration,” says Justin. During his studies, he increasingly gained an interest in conducting research, which led him to publish papers in leading international journals. 

Justin advises current and prospective students to take full advantage of the opportunities that CEU has to offer, be open to new experiences and appreciate these unique encounters.