Berihun Adugna Gebeye

April 27, 2021

CEU offers a world-class education to its diverse student body with an internationally and comparatively oriented curriculum taught by some of the leading scholars in their fields,” says Dr. Berihun Adugna Gebeye, a CEU graduate with an LLM in Human Rights and an SJD in Comparative Constitutional Law. He is currently working at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg, Germany as a Humboldt Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

Berihun is interested in constitutional theory and comparative constitutional studies. “I use interdisciplinary approaches and materials to study comparative constitutional law and politics, human rights, the rule of law, and international law and development in Africa,” Berihun says. His recent book - “A Theory of African Constitutionalism” will be published in July 2021 by Oxford University Press, and is based on the doctoral dissertation which he wrote under the supervision of the Head of CEU’s Legal Studies Department - Professor Mathias Möschel.

As a CEU student, he focused on how liberal constitutionalism influences and is influenced by cultural diversity in Africa. He mentions that his university studies enriched his personal and professional experiences and helped him to develop his academic path. “Supportive teachers and colleagues helped me to refine and sharpen my thinking and to start publishing early on, which helped me to secure a postdoctoral position before completing my doctoral studies,” says Berihun.

Berihun advises current students to take full advantage of the studies by actively engaging in the academic and social life of CEU. For prospective students, he says that “CEU offers a world-class education that will be the key to pursue a career with some impact: apply to CEU”.