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Marina Agaltsova

Marina Agaltsova was accepted onto CEU’s LLM program at the young age of 21. This program was crucial in cementing and moulding her research interests and career. After completing the LLM in Human Rights Law, Agaltsova practised law in Russia, litigating cases concerning enforced disappearances, unlawful killings by officials, freedom of speech, and freedom of assembly. She has developed a particularly keen interest in free speech law.

Virág Blazsek

Virág Blazsek works as a Lecturer in Commercial, Corporate and Banking Law at the University of Leeds School of Law in the United Kingdom. Her responsibilities include teaching undergraduate and master’s courses in Commercial Law, International Banking Law, Contract Law, and Insolvency Law. She serves as a personal tutor for dozens of undergraduate students and is supervising over a dozen undergraduate theses and postgraduate dissertations. In her scholarship, Virág writes about Commercial Law and Banking Law.