Jelena Belic

Year of Enrollment: 

Jelena is a PhD fellow in Political Theory at CEU Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations. Her educational as well as professional development has been meandering through diverse subject areas. She holds degrees in political science, University of Belgrade, and in law, Central European University (both with distinction). Prior to PhD, she has also spent several years working on civil society’s projects in Serbia concerning economic and social rights as well as Serbia’s accession to the EU. Such meandering helped her realize that her interests mostly lie in more general normative questions, which motivated her to start PhD in Political Theory. Her research focuses on developing an account of a transitional theory of (global) justice that aims to identify transitory moral requirements raised by a need for global institutional reforms. She is pretty much interested in many subjects, but is currently mostly dealing with theories of cosmopolitanism and global justice, methods in political theory and human rights. So far, she has presented her work at several graduate conferences and was also researcher visitor at the School of Philosophy, Australian National University.


MA in Human Rights, Legal Studies Department, Central European University
MA in International Public Law, Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade
BA in Political Science and International Relations, Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade