Selected Alumni Profile

Bárd, Petra

September 30, 2015
Year of Defense: 2008 Stream: S.J.D. in Comparative Constitutional Law Petra Bárd (LEGS IBL alumna of the generation 2000/2001, and LEGS CCL S.J.D. alumna of the generation 2003) is senior researcher and head of the Criminal Law Division at the National Institute of Criminology exploring the constitutional and human rights dimensions of European Union criminal justice. She is active in the Hungarian civil society supporting and operating networks adhering to, conceptualizing and shaping European values: she used to be the vice-chairperson of the Hungarian Europe Society for almost a decade, and is founding member and vice-chairperson of Alpbach Hungary.

Barić, Sanja

September 30, 2015
Year of Graduation: 1999 Stream: Master of Laws in Comparative Constitutional Law Sanja Barić (LL.M. – CEU; S.J.D. – University of Zagreb, Croatia) is currently a Head of Constitutional Law Chair at the University of Rijeka, Croatia. Apart from general Constitutional Law she specializes in Anti-Discrimination Law and Non-for-Profit Law. Prof. Barić was a visiting professor at the Vermont Law School (2005-2006) and at the University of Trieste, Italy (as of 2011). She has served as the expert member of Constitutional Committee (2011-2015) and expert member of Subcommittee for Human Rights and National Minorities of the Croatian Parliament (2004-2007).

Bashari, Evgjeni

September 30, 2015
Year of Graduation: 2007 Stream: Master of Laws in International Business Law I have received a Law Degree from the University of Tirana, Faculty of Law and the title Master of Laws in International Business Law from the Central European University, with a thesis on "Protection of Foreign Direct Investment in Albania. Comparative prospective with Bulgaria and Romania".

Beširević, Violeta

September 30, 2015
Year of Defense: 2005 Stream: S.J.D. in Comparative Constitutional Law Violeta Beširević holds an L.L.M. and an S.J.D. in Comparative Constitutional Law from the Central European University, Legal Studies Department and B.A. from Belgrade University Law School. Currently, she is a Vice Dean and tenured Professor of Law at Union University Law School Belgrade and Research Associate at the Central European University, CELAB. Professor Beširević is a Board member of the European Public Law Organization and OSF Serbia. In 2012, she was awarded Fulbright stipend and held postdoctoral position at NYU Law School. Her previous posts also include Research Coordinator at the CEU Center for Human Rights, Senior Diplomat in Hungary, Staff Attorney at COLPI (affiliated with the Open Society Fund and CEU) in Budapest, and Senior Legal Adviser at the Ministry of Justice of the former Yugoslavia. Violeta Beširević works in the field of Constitutional Law, EU Constitutional Law, European Human Rights Law and Bioethics. She was a visiting scholar at NYU Law School, George Washington University Law School, Brigham Young University Law School, and ASSER Institute in The Hague. Professor Beširević has published extensively in English and Serbian language. She also possesses advisory skills gained through an appointment to the Pardon Committee of the President of the Republic of Serbia (2008-2012); the Ombudsperson of Serbia’s Council for the Rights of the Persons Deprived of Liberty (2009-2011); Amicus Curiae before the Constitutional Court of Serbia, and a dispute resolution consultant in international investment arbitration.

Butorac Malnar, Vlatka

September 28, 2015
Year of Defense: 2005 Stream: S.J.D. in International Business Law Vlatka Butorac Malnar is an alumni of both the LEGS IBL LLM program (generation 2000/2001), and LEGS SJD program, from which she graduated in 2005 by successfully defending her SJD dissertation in EC competition law, supervised by prof. Stefan Messmann. The knowledge acquired at the CEU, and the degrees obtained there from enabled her to pursue an academic career at the Faculty of Law, University of Rijeka, Croatia, where she has been employed since 2006.