Affiliated Researchers

Dimitry Vladimirovich Kochenov

July 5, 2021

Professor Dimitry Vladimirovich Kochenov (LEGS '02) leads the Rule of Law Workgroup at CEU Democracy Institute and teaches at the Department of Legal Studies. His research focuses on the principles of law in the global context, with a special emphasis on the Rule of Law, citizenship, and the enforcement of EU values.

Petra Bárd

July 2, 2021

Dr. habil. Petra Bárd LL.M. PhD (LEGS '01) is Researcher at the Central European University’s (CEU) Legal Studies Department; Research Affiliate at the CEU Democracy Institute; and Associate Professor at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Faculty of Law, Department of Criminology. She also lectures at other universities across Europe including Belgrade, Frankfurt and Vienna. Between 2006 and 2016 she was Researcher at the National Institute of Criminlogy, Hungary, where she was Head of the Criminal Law Division.

Melanie Fink

July 1, 2021

Melanie Fink is an APART-GSK Fellow of the Austrian Academy of Sciences at the Central European University (Austria) and an Assistant Professor at Leiden University (the Netherlands). She researches and publishes in the areas of EU and public international law, with a focus on the protection of human rights and access to justice, the EU’s role in border control, and accountability in the context of administrative cooperation, including through the use of artificial intelligence systems.