LL.M. in International Business Law

Degree requirements

Applicants for the LL.M. in International Business Law program must have completed their undergraduate studies in law before enrolling to the program. A law degree will be considered as adequate if, in a given country, academically it would allow the applicant to take the bar exam. Non-university practice or traineeship periods for such bar exam shall not be necessary. 

Application requirements

Completed applications must be submitted through online application system (LLM in International Business Law) by the deadline. 

Required documents for online application:

“The two primary legal families today are the civil law and the common law systems. Common law legal systems include England and its former colonies (such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the Canadian common law provinces, and Nigeria), while civil law systems include those of continental Europe and others influenced by their tradition (such as the Latin American countries and many states in Asia and Africa). Identify and explain three key differences between these two legal families. Please illustrate your points with examples from your home jurisdiction, and a jurisdiction with which you are familiar that belongs to the ‘other’ family.”


 “In the field of international commercial arbitration it is a generally accepted practice that the parties may appoint arbitrators. For example, when the dispute is submitted to a three-member arbitral tribunal, typically each party appoints one arbitrator and the two party-appointed arbitrators appoint a presiding arbitrator.  In your essay, address the following questions: (a) what may be the underlying rationale of this practice?; (b) what problems or concerns does it raise in your opinion?; (c) what may be possible solutions or remedies?”

NOTE: Late submission of required documents is not possible, and incomplete applications may lead to early stage rejection.

The admission procedure is composed of the following:

  • Review of application packages
  • Telephone/Skype interview offered to selected applicants on the basis of their application package

The Department of Legal Studies reserves the right to check the originality of all submissions.