Threats in the Environment of International Business

Course Description: 

This course discusses the legal issues raised in connection with occurrences that disturb, disrupt or threaten the conduct of international business transactions (“threats”). It examines six types of such threats: (1) wars and similar disturbances; (2) currency and price fluctuations; (3) economic sanctions; (4) regulatory threats; (5) letter of credit fraud; and (6) corruption and bribery. For each of these categories of threats, this course analyzes their specific impact on international business transactions, legal remedies, and contractual tools to either avoid or solve the problems concerned.

Learning Outcomes: 
  • Understanding of the various types of threats faced by international business operators and of their effects on the conduct of international business·        
  • Awareness of legal remedies available to avoid or limit the effects of such occurrences under the laws of a variety of legal systems
  • Knowledge of a wide range of legislative enactments and judicial rulings pertaining to some of the principal threats faced by international business operators including economic sanctions, currency risks, price fluctuations, and bribery
  • Familiarity with contractual mechanisms aimed at avoiding or solving the problems caused by various categories of threats

Assessment for this course is based on class participation (20%) and a final examination (80%).