Clinical Specialization for HR and CCL students – requirements

Faculty Supervisor:

Károly Bárd

The Comparative Constitutional Law and the Human Rights Programs offer their degrees with a clinical specialization. Students participating in the clinical course will work closely with lawyers, providing comparative legal research as required by the progress of the case. Clinical courses are organized around two intensive workshops and require substantive individual research throughout the academic year.

Students participating in the clinical course have to meet the credit requirements of their own Program (for details please see the relevant program requirements). In addition to the clinical course students will be required to take a number of designated courses to earn the 'specialization' degree.

The registration deadline for the clinical course will be announced separately.

The final selection of participants will be made by the Program Chairs (Professors Károly Bárd and Renáta Uitz) on the basis of a "statement of interest" also taking into account the applicants’ academic merits (GPA and overall academic performance).

Students participating in the Clinical Specialization shall take

- the Clinical Course (3 credits) and

- an additional 4 mandatory credits assigned by the Faculty Supervisor.

The Faculty Supervisor also retains the right to require certain mandatory-elective courses to be taken by students participating in this Clinical Course.

CCL students participating in the Clinical Specialization may write a short thesis to the Clinical Course. HR students are encouraged to write their thesis on a topic related to the Clinical Course.