Wasiq Abass Dar

September 22, 2021

Dr. Wasiq Abass Dar completed his S.J.D. at Central European University in 2019, with his doctoral research, focusing on International Commercial Arbitration, supervised by Prof. Varady. Wasiq’s other interests include International Investment Law and Investor-State Arbitration, Commercial Mediation, Bankruptcy Law, Secured Transactions Law, Contract Law, and Private International Law.

He is currently working as an Associate Professor of Legal Practice at one of the leading universities in India, O.P. Jindal Global University. He teaches courses on Commercial Arbitration, Investor-State Arbitration, and Contract Law to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Wasiq is also a member of Jindal Global Laws School’s advisory committees for the Society of International Law and the Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution.

During his time at the CEU, Wasiq took a range of courses taught by Prof. Tajti, Prof. Petsche, Prof. Babic, Prof. Pavic, and others. Wasiq believes that it was the interdisciplinary approaches of the SJD doctoral seminars, coupled with the richness of the course offerings (the latter available also to Master’s students) and CEU’s wider connections which laid the foundations for his career as a legal scholar and teacher. These qualities exceeded his highest expectations; “as a student of CEU, I got introduced to a whole new world of opportunities that significantly contributed in shaping me into a young academic. To point out a few, in 2017 - as a Global Teaching Fellow of Central European University, I was able to introduce and teach courses on International Commercial Arbitration and International Investment Law and Investment Arbitration at the University of Yangon, Myanmar.”

Wasiq notes that CEU’s generous financial support for doctoral candidates afforded him numerous opportunities as a visiting scholar/researcher. He visited Cornell Law School, New York, and Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College, London. During his time at CEU, he attended international conferences, published in reputable journals, and participated in the Vis Moot, an internationally acclaimed arbitration moot, acting as a coach for the other participants. He urges prospective students who are passionate about knowledge and learning to apply to the CEU, and assures current students that by engaging with the curriculum and other related opportunities, they will become thorough professionals in their fields.